Step 1:

Get your job application code.

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Step 2.

Visit: TwoGap

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Step 3.

Click on Whitelist

Enter your Job Application Code (Received via email in Step 1) in the first field which says ERC20 Address.

Enter 1000 for TGT amount.

Click Save.

The special code will unlock the Job Application Form.


Step 4.

Once the form is unlocked, select the position you wish to apply for, interview date & place.

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We are Hiring:

1. Testers
2. Programmers
3. Designers
4. CS & Accounts
5. Sales – BPO

We are Offering:

1. Full Time Jobs
2. Part Time Jobs
3. Work at Home Jobs
4. Month Internships

We have just opened multiple new offices and are urgently hiring for above positions.

All positions are paid. We pay the best in industry with international standards.

Once the form is filled, someone from our HR team will contact you.